Electrical systems

CTRL ultrasonic sensors are lightweight and compact and can be easily carried while scanning for arcing or corona discharge at power substations or within manufacturing facilities. The analog meter offers a safety feature in that the headphones need not be used in situations where the operator may be exposed to traffic and possibly need the use of his ears to detect an approaching vehicle or forklift. Additionally, the acoustical extension attachments included in the UL101 kit are highly effective in locating internal arcing in transformers.

When listening to small transformers, the acoustic probe or concentrator is merely held by the inspector at right angles against the transformer case. Any static charge, buzz, or spike in the meter is noted. When listening for arcing or corona discharge from a distance, it is necessary to use one of the concentrators or the PowerBeam 300. Because of its ability to pinpoint ultrasound from up to 300 feet away, the PowerBeam 300 is ideal for detecting corona on power substations. The inspector can stand from a safe distance (outside of the fenced area), and aim the PowerBeam in the direction of the ceramic transformers. Its location can then be triangulated to ensure that repairs are made to the proper transformer.

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