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CTRL PowerBeam 300 long-range detector

The PowerBeam 300 continues CTRL's history of taking the lead in pushing ultrasonic technology to new levels. This UL101 add-on helps to maintain safe distances from test areas. The parabolic design increases the capabilities of the UL101 by allowing it to detect ultrasound from up to 300 feet away. Combining the features of the already proven CTRL UL101 with extended range and sensing capabilities, the PowerBeam 300 provides enhanced ultrasonic detection. A pistol-like grip, laser pointer, and rifle sights make the PowerBeam easy to handle and use. The PowerBeam 300 was originally designed to detect corona discharge on the ceramic transformers of power transfer stations from a safe distance. Because of its accuracy and sensitivity, the PowerBeam 300 is used for numerous applications including the detection of pressurized and vacuum leaks, electrical arcing, and mechanical components that would be unsafe to reach with only the UL101 and its attachments.

PowerBeam 300 Product features:

  • Pistol type detector with fixed frequency response range..
  • Detects ultrasound up to 300 feet.
  • Laser pointer and rifle sight for accurate pinpointing.
  • Narrow beam of reception allows differentiation between various sources of ultrasound signals.
  • Extruded aluminium frame maximizes life in harsh environments.
  • No calibration.
  • No special maintenance.
  • Simple controls to adjust sensitivity.
  • 1 year warranty (parts and labor).
  • Extended warranty available.

PowerBeam 300 Specifications:

Dimensions: Dish Diameter: 330 mm (13 inch).
Overall Dimensions: 533 × 432 × 32 [mm], 21 × 17 × 1.26 [inch].
Weight: 1.3 kg (without CTRL UL101 Receiver).
Construction: Extruded aluminum.
Power Supply: 2 darab 1.5 V-os alkáli elem (a lézer működtetéséhez).
Distance of Reception: Up to 300 feet.
Receiver Input Frequency*: 40kHz +/-1*.
Operating Temperature Range: 20°C (-4°F) to +54°C (+130°F).


SoundCTRL Equipment Condition Analysis System

The SoundCTRL Equipment Condition Analysis System provides maintenance personnel with the capability to better monitor, evaluate, and diagnose the condition of critical mechanical equipment. Unplanned downtime and lost production can be avoided with this state-of-the-art system. The handheld SoundCTRL System connects directly to the CTRL UL101 receiver (right) for an easy one-step inspection-collection process. SoundCTRL recognizes the ultrasonic signals received by the CTRL UL101 and provides immediate display and analysis of sound characteristics to help determine the condition of the component under test. The system allows the user to record, play back, compare, and analyze audio and visual wave files of these signals. It also provides the user with the ability to maintain a database of this information, and to print files for reporting and trending purposes. (The signals can be recalled and compared with a baseline for benchmarking purposes.) This system, coupled with the CTRL UL101, provides the most accurate and convenient solution available for equipment condition diagnostics and failure prevention.
SoundCTRL Software
(A) PocketPC & Software
(B) SoundCTRL Software
(C) CTRL UL101 Receiver and Headset

SoundCTRL Software SoundCTRL Software

Key features:
  • Handheld system with state-of-the-art full function Pocket PC and desktop PC integration capability.
  • Unique sound recognition and analysis software.
  • Audio and visual signal recording and retrieval.
  • Benchmarking and reporting capability.
  • Comparative analysis and trending capability.
  • Ultrasonic signal capture (20 sec. recording) and automatic waveform display.
  • Equipment ID and location fields for easy component tracking and file retrieval.
  • Comment fields for storing critical equipment information such as operating condition and test settings.
  • Root mean square (RMS) calculation and reporting capability.
  • Analysis of sound characteristics for identification of potential component faults.
  • User-friendly menus and controls.
SoundCTRL System Specifications:
  • State of the art full function Windows Pocket PC (hp iPAQ h5150).
  • SoundCTRL Software, PC version.
  • SoundCTRL Software, Pocket PC version.
  • USB desktop Cradle/Charger.
  • Leather Holster with Belt Clip.
  • UL101-Pocket PC Connector Cable
  • A/C Adaptor.
  • Quick start Guide.
  • 1 year support, online support, and product upgrades.
HP iPAQ h5150 technical details:
  • Connectivity, std: Integrated Bluetooth™, wireless ready with addition of WLAN 802.11b card (PCMCIA, CF or SDIO.
  • Expansion slot: SD slot: SD, SDIO, and MMC support.
  • Processor: Intel® 400 MHz processor with XScale technology.
  • Memory: 64 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Flash ROM.
  • Display: Transflective TFT LCD, 64K colors 16-bit, 240 x 320 resolution, 3.8" diagonal viewable image size; Input type: Pen and touch interface.
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 5.23 x 3.3 x 0.63 in; Weight: 6.59 oz.
  • Software included with product (on ROM): Microsoft® Windows® for Pocket PC 2003, iPAQ Backup, iPAQ File Store, iPAQ Image viewer, iPAQ Task Manager, Bluetooth Manager, and more.
  • Software included on CD: Microsoft® Outlook® 2002, Microsoft ActiveSync® 3.7, Media Player, Adobe PDF viewer, presenter-to-go, Westek ClearVue Suite, F-Secure FileCrypto Data Encryption, and more.

Receiver jacket:

Protects the UL101 Receiver without restricting use of all controls. Prevents accidental scratching or damage durring normal inspection activities.

Defect tags: CTRL UL101

Fluorescent color-coded tags identify components that need repair or require attention. 2-part tag design with carbon copy for easy processing and job tracking. 100 per pack.

Belt pouch: CTRL UL101

Allows the user to keep hands free and the UL101 available for regularly scheduled or emergency inspection and diagnosis. Can hold the Receiver, Headset, Transmitter, and some attachments.

Gel ear seals:

Partially filled with silicon gel, seal conform to facial contours to increase comfort and help block competing audible sounds, increasing attenuation from 2 to 3 dB.
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